An award-winning team delivering authentic and insightful broadcast coverage that makes an impact on TV, radio & online. We create campaigns that broadcasters want to use and audiences want to see and hear.

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About Us

Broadcast Revolution is a specialist broadcast PR agency.

Powered by our newsroom, focussed on facilitating the news agenda, and supported by a culture of delivering Broadcast for Good, we create campaigns that broadcasters want to use and audiences want to see and hear.

Here you can find the different areas of our business, including Content Creation, Newsroom, Broadcast for Good, Training & Insight, Research, and Evaluation & Learning

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Who We Work With
Facilitaiting the News Agenda

The Broadcast Revolution Newsroom is an effortless way for organisations to get their voices heard on issues in the news agenda.

Our Newsroom is embedded into the daily news agenda with broadcasters calling us for guests to appear on their shows. Clients that are associated with the Newsroom have the opportunity to be commentators on the news. This is done via our specialist team through relationships, stories, and expert opinions between broadcasters, brands, and audiences.

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Broadcast for Good

Broadcast for Good was launched to support our people, our communities and our industry.

Our Broadcast for Good initiative aims to utilise the power of broadcast PR to deliver a positive impact for our people, our communities and our industry. It does this by providing pro bono work for charities and companies in need, delivering events and workshops, and empowering people to champion the charities that matter most to them. We have given over £500,000 in pro bono work through Broadcast for Good, and we will not stop there.

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Evaluation - Impact

Drawing from objectives and outcomes, Impact gives a score out of 100 to demonstrate the effectiveness of each campaign. With a multitude of analysed criteria, this in-depth analysis raises the bar for brands and agencies by focusing on the factors that matter.

In short – Impact is about campaign and business objectives, not vanity metrics.