Discussing Our Annual 2022 Broadcast Report with Nick Quraishi and Ashleigh Carroll

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As we reflect on the events that shaped 2022, it’s clear that the world continues to grapple with the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, what was supposed to be a year of returning to normalcy turned out to be one of the most historic years we’ve experienced since the beginning of 21st Century, particularly in Europe.

Despite this upheaval, we also witnessed the rise of broadcast and online formats that were born out of the pandemic and achieved a permanent position in the media landscape. This is just one of the many findings presented in our Annual 2022 Broadcast Report: The Challenges and changes in a Post-Pandemic Media.

As we look ahead to 2023, we see opportunities for organisations to cut through the noise and have a voice of authority in the broadcast media by being more authentic and focused on tangible business results. 

In a post-pandemic climate, the news has been dominated by numerous major events both at home and abroad. These range from the war in Ukraine, the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the cost-of-living crisis, the football World Cup in Qatar and an array of UK Prime Ministers coming and going.

Two guests featured in our latest event looking at how broadcasters have coped with these stories and looking ahead to 2023. 

Nick Quraishi, presenter and reporter for Sky News, BBC News and LBC joined us. As did Ashleigh Carroll, our very own Deputy Head of Broadcast Revolution’s newsroom, who’s only recently left a 13-year stint working in the newsroom for the Global radio group. 

Nick and Ashleigh discussed key points about how broadcasters had to cover some highly sensitive topics without overwhelming their audiences. It’s crucial to be selective with stories and find strong cases to focus on to make stories more relatable for the audience. Breaking news is where the broadcast media excels with instant information and analysis. 

TV and radio news audiences have undoubtedly benefited from many of us spending more time working from home. Radio shows have had a chance to become more interactive with listeners more available to express their views. The intimacy and connection with radio audiences is particularly strong. The number of podcasts being created has also sky-rocketed recently—in part fuelled by lockdown and the appetite for more and more content. The casual, conversational style in which they are recorded has resonated with their audiences. 

Broadcast Revolution’s newsroom has been shaped to help clients appear with ease and speed on the broadcast media to comment on the news agenda of the moment. The newer ways to get on-air (Zoom, Facetime etc) allow this to happen more speedily than ever. The need for media training has never been more vital to ensure a successful experience for both interviewee and interviewer. 

Having good spokespeople is crucial to delivering the story, but it’s also essential to determine a story’s key message. Engaging a younger audience has been a challenge for broadcasters but many have succeeded through social media activity and celebrity guests. Interestingly, celebrity guests don’t always hit the mark on a campaign. In our annual broadcast report, we provided more insight into some public perceptions of celebrities. As it’s generally common knowledge they get paid for their work on campaigns, there can be an air of distrust. Having case studies alongside a celebrity spokesperson is integral for a strong story an audience can listen to, understand and resonate.  

In 2023, broadcasters are making many changes.

Commercial stations in particular are offering live streams– using visuals to engage their audience.  

Overall, Nick and Ashleigh highlighted the ever-growing importance of finding strong case studies to make stories more relatable to the audience. They also emphasised the significance of careful phrasing, engaging with the audience through various mediums, and using good spokespeople. In a world offering ever-changing ways to consume news and events, broadcasters must keep adapting to ensure they remain relevant and continue to deliver news effectively. 

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