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Argos launch top toys for Christmas

Argos Say It Is Never Too Early To Talk About Christmas

Some might think that August is too early to start talking about Christmas… Especially on the hottest day of the year… But Argos were able to spread some joy across broadcast media as it revealed the expected top toys for Christmas 2020.

Working with the retailer we built research which highlighted the toys young people were looking for – and how lockdown has had an impact on the toys they are clamouring to get their hands on.

The research showed that parents were reminiscing about their own childhood toys – and many have been getting them out during the lockdown period to improve family time at such a challenging point.

In truth, the data revealed that as a result of lockdown parents really wanted to buy their children toys that the whole family can enjoy together and after enjoying quality family time during the pandemic.

We brought onboard the UK’s leading toy expert, Peter Jenkinson, and Juliet Ward from Argos who revealed the list to stations across the country.

Peter and Juliet were able to spread some joy during a difficult time and highlighting that sometimes ‘less is more’ for young people.

We secured coverage on talkRADIO, BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC Radio Derby, BBC Radio Shropshire, BBC Radio Cornwall, BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester, BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire, BBC Radio Wiltshire, Sky News Radio and many more.

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