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Barclays Asks Would You Go (South) West?

Lockdown and Coronavirus pandemic made many of us look at our lives and rethink certain aspects – but according to the Barclays Mortgages, many of us in the UK’s biggest cities are no longer happy with where they are living. The data suggests that Brits in metropolitan areas wanted to move as a result of being in lockdown with minimal green space on their doorstep.

We worked closely with Barclays Mortgages to reveal the results of the report and highlight how many are simply looking to escape the feeling of being ‘locked in’.

We highlighted the key areas people wanted to move to get away from the city dwellings of London, Birmingham, Leeds and Nottingham (which were found to be the most miserable) and highlight where they wanted to go – which included seaside, green space and less urban living.

To communicate the story, we brought onboard Behavioural Scientist Dr Peter Brooks to look at why our habits were changing, what we could potentially do and what the future might look like for mortgages as a result.

We secured coverage across ITV Yorkshire, BBC Radio Devon, BBC Radio Nottingham, Capital Network, Heart Network and much of the commercial networks.

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