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British Red Cross Calls For Calm in Yemen

Coronavirus has strained some of the world’s most advanced healthcare systems – but what about those countries who were already struggling?

Coronavirus spread faster, wider and with deadlier consequences in Yemen than many other countries in the world, the UN says.

Millions of Yemenis continue to suffer outrageously with COVID-19 the latest strike in a long list of assaults. Yemen is one of the world’s poorest countries and is currently dealing with COVID-19 alone – a disease which has ravaged some of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world.

We’re proud to be supporting the British Red Cross as it highlights Yemen’s plight as it is revealed 1 in 4 Yemeni’s who contract COVID19 will die due to conditions in the country.

We helped the British Red Cross call for calm across international and national media to help ease some of the tensions allowing aid workers into the region to offer on the ground support.

We highlighted that people in the region need a period of safety and stability in order to be able to reach clinics or family members, and aid agencies need a break in the hostilities in order to reach those in need of help. Here is Alexander Matheou, Executive Director of International, British Red Cross discussing the subject with Becky Anderson of CNN International.

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