Broadcast consultancy and strategy development

Broadcast consultancy and strategy development

We are an agency that prides itself on its honest broadcast consultancy. Our first question to our clients will always be “what’s the story” rather than “how much budget do you have,” with our aim to always deliver valuable and impactful broadcast coverage.

We work closely with brands to build long-term broadcast strategiesbased on their business needs– whether that be raising the profile of your new company CEO, becoming an authoritative voice in a certain space and be seen to be championing issues, or if you are an established player but find you’reconstantly reacting to the news everyone else wants you to comment on rather than successfully achieving proactive coverage in another priority area. By building collaborative relationships with clients, we develop bespoke broadcast strategies tailored to meet the needs of both the client and the media – the “one size fits all approach” has no place at Broadcast Revolution. Our team aims to exploit the un-tapped and often forgotten opportunities in broadcast when building a broadcast strategy.

Reacting to the news agenda

Our reactive broadcast strategy is at the heart of our operation. We regularly receive requests from national media looking for commentators on breaking news stories – be-it the latest government announcements on stamp duty or the UK’s obesity crisis – as well as longer feature discussions on topics such as health and wellbeing.

We sit down with clients to compile a list of their key spokespeople, working with them to identify the issues and topics that the business has an opinion on and where they can offer useful insight. Our team is always across the news agenda and will share reactive opportunities with clients on an ongoing basis, that add value and put the brand on the media’s radar.

On-going, two-way dialogue

We are abroadcast consultancythat likes to think we do things a little differently to other broadcast agencies. Hand in hand with our reactive broadcast model is our ‘Broadcast Revolution spokesperson list’ which we pitch out on a regular basis to national and top tier regional broadcasters. This not only keeps our clients front of mind with the media, but also means we are able to add value through this on-going two-way dialogue between the media and the brand.

Proactive broadcast

We will always want to be as close to the crafting of the campaign as possible, offering our broadcast consultancy on what elements a campaign really needs to successfully cut through the noise and be part of the daily news agenda. Our insight on what will work best for broadcast is simply based onour ongoing conversations with the media on the types of stories and guests they are keen to hear from, and our need to be ahead of the curve with any trends or changes in the broadcast industry that produce opportunities for clients.

Data driven insight

Our research and insights (link to this page maybe?) also aids us when we look to build a broadcast strategy. By utilising our monitoring and analysis tool, we can show client how their competitors perform in their space, their share of voice, and how our clients can challenge this.

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