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Broadcast For Good 2021 Initiative

Last year we launched ‘Broadcast for Good’ which aims to support out people, our communities and charities.

It was created as we knew we held a unique position in the industry to support our colleagues across the industry and do some good.

We delivered around £200K of free campaigns for charitable initiatives spanning the British Red Cross, those involved with BLM and all forms of health, Spread A Smile, Streetvet and many more

This year, we are taking #BroadcastForGood to another level.

For every piece of activity you or your team undertake with us, we will deliver you a Broadcast For Good coin. For every three coins you collect, we’ll deliver you an entirely free broadcast media relations campaign for a charity of your choice. You can choose where this campaign goes – whether it is to support a charity brand you already work with, a personal connection or an agency charity of choice.

So, you can begin to support your charity and CSR objectives for the company through #BroadcastForGood.

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