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Broadcast For Good

Broadcast for Good was launched to support our people, our communities and our industry. It was created as we knew we held a unique position in the industry to support our colleagues across the industry and do some good. We have delivered around over £500,000 of free work for charitable initiatives spanning the British Red Cross, those involved with BLM and all forms of health, Spread A Smile, Streetvet and many more

We are have now taken #BroadcastForGood to another level.

For every piece of activity you or your team undertake with us, we will deliver you a Broadcast For Good coin. For every three coins you collect, we’ll deliver you an entirely free broadcast media relations campaign for a charity of your choice. You can choose where this campaign goes – whether it is to support a charity brand you already work with, a personal connection or an agency charity of choice.

So, you can begin to support your charity and CSR objectives for the company through #BroadcastForGood.

Prof Dame Clare Gerada DBE

"Doctors in Distress has benefitted enormously from the generous help and support provided by Broadcast Revolution. The charity gained wide-spread recognition during two campaigns – with our Christmas broadcast reach extending to 16 top tier slots promoting the work of the charity. We just could not have ever established this level of brand recognition without Broadcast Revolution. Not only did they give us continuous support in the run up to these broadcast days, but they gave this to Doctors in Distress as part of their social community ethos. We are deeply grateful to them, for their willing to help, their generosity of time and effort and for the exemplary outcomes they enabled for the charity."

Lucy Jackson - Spread A Smile CEO

We first met Broadcast Revolution after they saw Spread a Smile on Sky News at the start of the pandemic in March 2020, during what was an incredibly worrying time for us as a charity. Having had to stop all our face to face hospital visits and outings because of covid, we didn’t know what the immediate future for the charity looked like but they offered to help get us more broadcast coverage which we desperately needed at the time to help raise awareness and funds. We quickly took our services digital and BR helped us to share this news. They helped us to craft our story and prep our CEO for interviews.

Subsequently they were on hand to offer further support when we launched a fundraising appeal at Christmas, an appeal which was so important to Spread a Smile in raising funds for the future of our services. They secured a number of regional and national radio interviews as well as a live interview with our CEO on BBC News, which was repeated throughout the day and once again generated much needed coverage for and discussion about the charity.

They are a team of truly wonderful and kind souls where nothing is ever too much trouble. They are always on hand to offer advice and support, whatever time of day or night and in this past year have really helped put Spread a Smile on the map.

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