We worked with Uber to create B-Roll for their Uber Boats

  • ClientUber
  • ObjectiveTo add a visual element to broadcast interviews on Uber Boats

Like most things in life, shooting B-Roll takes careful planning, and it’s likely that you’ll have a limited window of time in which to capture it.

Entrusting that time to Broadcast Revolution can ensure no opportunity gets missed, and your end video matches your initial vision.

Delivering on their vision is exactly what Uber asked for during the launch of their Uber Boats on the Thames. As part of that project, we used B-roll footage to ensure their brand was presented in the best possible way. After all, they’re in the spotlight.

Furthermore, once Uber’s footage was aired on media outlets including Sky News, it wasn’t shelved and forgotten about. Instead it provided the brand’s communication team with a vital evergreen asset to use as part of their marketing resources.

At Broadcast Revolution, we do B-Roll right.

Coverage – BBC London, GMB London, Sky News

Watch the video here.

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