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Co-Op - Neighbours of the Year 2020123

Co-Op - Neighbours of the Year 2020

We are all guilty of being ‘busy’ and perhaps not getting to know the people on our street but COVID-19 has been somewhat of a leveller for community spirit across the UK. Throughout the pandemic, the overwhelming sense is that we have all felt that “small acts of kindness” make a really big difference. This is the third year Co-op Insurance and Neighbourhood Watch have awarded Neighbours of the Year and we worked with Co-op to highlight these individual acts of kindness which have made such a big difference on their local community. We lined up interviews directly with our spokespeople (the neighbours of the year!) to celebrate our winners and encourage everyone to keep our newly found community sprit over the years ahead. This story had both large national and regional coverage, with regional outlets particularly enjoying this story with such a local angle. Coverage included an exclusive with BBC’s The One Show, Sky News, Channel 5 News, Times Radio, ITV London TV, ITV East & West Midlands, ITV Calendar, BBC Manchester, BBC London, BBC Scotland, BBC Devon, BBC Wiltshire, BBC Tees, BBC Humberside and many more.

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