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Evaluation & Learning

Evaluation & Learning

The aim of Evaluation and Learning is to grow from our campaigns. At Broadcast Revolution, we view evaluation and learning as a key part of our specialism in broadcast consultancy.

For us, it's essential that we reflect on the coverage secured, acknowledge the great outcomes and review audience numbers, to evaluate the reach of our campaign. It's also important for us to identify any gaps and possible ways to achieve even more with a future campaign.

We base our evaluation and learning process around the key messages, which are created at the very start of any campaign we do, and identify whether these have been effectively conveyed throughout the broadcast coverage.

Within 48 hours of a campaign's completion, we will send over a Final Report. This report provides a summary of the campaign data from beginning to end. We explain what the objectives were, how they were achieved and the results that followed. As part of this, we outline the broadcast coverage received which includes: name and number of outlets, where those outlets are based, what the reach of the outlets are, how long interviews were and when they aired. We also identify which of the key messages were discussed within each interview, as well as the total duration of all interviews and total potential reach of the campaign.

At this stage, we give our clients the option to purchase the clips of coverage received. This is often helpful so that they can hear interviews back and evaluate their spokespeople and messaging for future campaigns.

Following this, we encourage our clients to join us for a debrief meeting. Here, we take a closer look at the coverage received and discuss interview context in more depth, looking at the story behind the campaign and how well it worked in practise. We'll address any challenges we may have had - whether they were things within our control, how we overcame those challenges and if we can use them moving forwards. We will discuss the assets we had and whether these supported or hindered the campaign. This often includes discussion around the spokesperson of the campaign and whether we think they fulfilled their brief.

For clients who we've worked with on multiple campaigns, we'll use this opportunity to look back on previous campaigns and compare the results. We can identify whether more or less coverage was received and why this might have been the case. Our system enables us to track our campaigns very carefully and this enables us to retrieve really useful insights into the successes of campaigns.

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