Global Media Relations

Global Media Relations

At Broadcast Revolution, we are well versed in UK media relations however we are not limited to the UK alone and also offer fullglobal media relationssupport for clients. Not only do we have great contacts at international broadcasters, we have close connections with TV and radio broadcasters in countries right across the globe, particularly across the US the European territories.

Our team has the capabilities to navigate and deliver broadcast coverage across all over the world. We work with clients to get cut through in key international markets, giving brands a platform to become part of the daily news agenda.

We are highly experienced in crafting stories that resonate with different audiences across the globe and our global media relations team are in tune with what works for different markets, be-it Europe, the US, Asia, Australia, Canada and many more. We are trusted by brands such as Babylon Health to deliver campaigns in international markets.

Be-it global product launches, industry events or business announcements – our team work with brands to secure interview with CEOs and senior C-suite spokespeople across international broadcast outlets. We can facilitate satellite media tours, b-roll contact creation, on the ground filming and radio interviews.

International Broadcasters

As part of our media database we have very strong links to international broadcasters such as BBC World News, CNN, Bloomberg and are regularly communicating with their London offices to get coverage for our clients when appropriate.

US Media

Our global media relations services are not only limited to our UK contacts, as we have experience working across the US.

Previously when it came to US Media, we worked closely with a media relations partners on the ground in the US providing us with the added knowledge and experience of the market out there. Even if we choose to partner with them for your campaign, you will still be directly working with us, and receiving our consultation and strategy but it allows us to access a range of places in the US. In the past we have secured coverage in the likes of Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Oregon, South Carolina and many more. If we do not have available spokespeople to interview in the early hours of the morning, we can also create B-roll and provide it to US media for them to use if interested. We have an extensive database of US media contacts and are confident that we can deliver coverage there if it works for your campaign and they are a target region.

European media

Our database now also extends to media contacts in Spain, France, Italy and Germany and we are continuing to grow in this forum extending our global media relations. We also offer international media training to CEOs and spokes people new to doing interviews across different markets. It is important that senior branded voices engage with their stakeholders in key audiences. Our team of broadcast experts give spokespeople the tools and techniques to be best prepared for all media interviews.

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