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Offering HR Rewinds MD to discuss the impact of Black Lives

As the Black Lives Matter Movement grew all over the world overnight, many businesses started to reassess how they deal with racism and issues surrounding inclusivity in the workplace.

We supported Sheeren Daniels, Managing Director of HR Rewired, by offering her up as a commentator to broadcast media to talk about why black British employees have been so badly affected by what was going on in the US, and why these experiences that were being reported were not as far away from the UK as many believed.

Shereen spoke passionately on national radio and many BBC regional stations about ‘the corporate wall of silence’ many black British employees feeland offered her advice on how businesses can support non-white employees during this time.

Off the back of these interviews, Shereen was invited back on to speak on some of the radio stations and has since become a regular commentator on BBC regional radio stations who have been committed to covering the Black Lives Matter movement.

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