The Impact model provides an effective method of public relations evaluation and campaign analysis. With over a dozen analysed criteria, this in-depth analysis raises the bar for brands and agencies.


Impact - the PR Evaluation & Campaign Analysis - aims to facilitate learning and growth from campaigns.

This means that it’s essential that we reflect on the coverage, outcomes, and audience numbers to evaluate the success of every output. Identifying gaps and possible ways to achieve even more with a future campaign is vital.

Drawing from objectives and outcomes, the model gives a score out of 100 to demonstrate the effectiveness of each campaign. With a multitude of analysed criteria, this in-depth analysis raises the bar for brands and agencies by focusing on factors such as audience size, message delivery, visible/audible branding, and spokesperson type. We send over a final report within 48 hours of a campaign’s completion, and this report summarises the campaign data from beginning to end.


Following this, we encourage our clients to join us for a debrief meeting.

Here, we take a closer look at the coverage received and discuss the interview context in more depth, looking at the story behind the campaign and how well it worked in practice. We’ll address any challenges we may have had, how we overcame them, and if we can use them moving forward. We also discuss the assets and to what extent these supported the campaign. This often includes discussion around the campaign’s spokesperson and whether we think they fulfilled their brief.

We’ll use this opportunity to look back on previous campaigns and compare the results for clients we’ve worked with before. We can identify whether more or less coverage was received and why this might have been the case. Our system enables us to track our campaigns carefully, facilitating valuable insights into campaign success.

In short – Impact is about campaign and business objectives, not vanity metrics.

Media Monitoring

By analysing a range of platforms, our media monitoring services ensure we are up to date on broadcast trends in a range of sectors.

Not only can we provide competitor analysis from this, but also provide our clients with an added layer of knowledge, confidence, and relevancy that boosts campaign and business capabilities.

To find out more about how Impact can support your business and campaign objectives, please contact Phil Caplin.