Influencer Engagement

Influencer Engagement

Public Relations Influencermarketing can be an effective means of tapping into existing audiences and accessing an engaged and loyal following.

Whether you are looking for a host of micro-influencers to support a one-off product launch, or to partner with a macro-influencer to build a long-termbrand partnership, our team can provide invaluable consultancy on the best names to partner with, offering the services of an influencer PR agency.

Our team stays up to date on the latest influencers to emerge on scene across the health, beauty, parent, home and travel sectors, monitoring their engagement, their followers and competitor brands they are affiliated with to ensure no conflicts of interest.

We maintain strong relationships with agents, negotiating on our client’s behalf to agree deliverables, key messagesand fee. We ensure that our client’s interests are protected whilst working closely with the talent agents to ensure content creation and social media posts fit with our social media brief.

Our team offers a start to end influencer engagement management services provided by Influencer Marketing Agencies in London, from identification and campaign activation right through to de-brief and analysing campaign results. We work closely with clients to advise on the right influencers to fit the brand’s needs and bolster their influencer marketing programme.

Our services include:

Identifying the right influencer talent

Our team works to pair brands with relevant influencers with stronglevels of engagement. We strive to ensure our client’s money is well spent and that we are providing the most cost-effective solutions that the producer the best results.

Developing the creative and concept

We will pull together clear creative briefs for talent, but also work closely with them to help them craft the creative and delivery of content.

Distribution and paid spend

We can boost consumer engagement through paid social media to support influencer engagement campaigns.

Building the perfect influencer strategy

Our team has experience developing strategies tailored to meet the brand’s needs, whether that is a multi-tiered influencer approach utilising hero influencers and supporting micro-influencers, ora split approach. We can also use promoted influencer to increase campaign reach.

Managing talent – negotiating contracts, deliverables

Our team is highly experienced in negotiating contracts with influencer agents, laying our deliverables and putting together a clear creative brief for talent.

Producing content

Our team can work with influencers to boost their content and produce assets which can be used across multiple communications channels.

Campaign management

Our team managed the whole process from start to finish, project managing the communications between brand and talent, briefing calls and contract negotiation.

Measurement of campaign success

Honest consultancy is at the heart of Broadcast Revolution’s mantra and this translates into ourLondon influencer agency services. We make sure the clients have the right influencer package to fit their needs and provide a full campaign de-brief with analysis and measurement of success. Influencers can also play a supportive role in media relations if the influencer has a good profile and is well known amongstTV and radio media.

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