Just Like Us Helping Young LGBTQ+ Kids During Lockdown


Just Like Us helping young LGBTQ+ kids during lockdown

Just Like Us is a charity which supports young LGBTQ+ and runs ‘School Diversity Week’ where they send ‘role model’ young ambassador LGBTQ+ people into schools to put on classes to show what life can be like for those who may be struggling with their sexuality. With COVID-19 closing schools – we worked with Just Like Us to help move School Diversity Week online this year. We created crowd-sourced research and promoted through our channels and set out to secure 200 responses. Our efforts saw us deliver 540 responses from LGBTQ+ people across the country. The research highlighted how young LGBTQ+ could be falling through the cracks due to Coronavirus. We also reached out to a series of LGBTQ+ talent to secure pro-bono support for a small budget campaign. We were able to convince our number one choice - RuPaul’s Drag Race UK runner up and ex-teacher Divina De Campo to join the campaign. As an ex-teacher and LGBTQ+ rights campaigner, Divina was the perfect fit. Targeting both consumer and business media (talking to businesses who could support the charity) we secured coverage across Reuters, Bloomberg, BBC News Channel, BBC Parents Coronavirus Survival Bitesize Podcast, BBC Biteszie Online, ITV Lunchtime National News, Channel 5 News, Various ITV TV regions including ITV London, ITV Tyne Tees, ITV West Country, ITV Meridian, ITV Calendar, ITV Border, Anglia Tonight, Wales This Week. The total potential reach for the campaign is 99,701,001

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