Live Streaming Content

Live Streaming Content

Our innovative creative team at Broadcast Revolution thrive when capturing and sharing unique experiences and provide the full services of a live streaming agency. We can broadcast live content on social media, directly to our client’s customer base through their own communications channels, or on third party channels. With full flexibility on streaming destinations, we can stream directly to Facebook Live, IGTV, YouTube Live, Twitch, Periscope, Livestream CDN or use the built in RTMP protocol to stream to nearly any other destination. Bluntly put… we can stream from anywhere that has an internet connection, making live broadcasts seamless.

We have the capabilities to host a whole range of live streaming sessions such as live events and Q&A panel discussions, both consumer and B2Bcorporate video streaming.

Corporate video streaming

B2B and corporate live streaming has proven to be one of the most effective means of building lasting relations between businesses, strengthening a client’s internal and external network.

The types of events we can stream include award ceremonies, panel discussion, conferences, roundtables, annual meetings and many more. We can produce a business to business live streaming service that helps to build relationships and partnerships with our client’s key stakeholders; both internal and external.

Consumer video streaming

Being in tune with your audiences and being able to connect to people at the click of a button has never been simultaneously so important and so powerful. In a time where a loyal customer can become a brand advocate overnight, connecting with audience directly and creating content that resonates with them in the moment has never been more influential.

We have the ability to stream events to consumers, everything from live music concerts to panel discussions with health or finance experts who are running a ‘clinic’ for our client’s customers, with our content acting as the additional value for their customer’s money.

As part of the broadcast package, we can include live engagement with our audience through viewers sending in their own questions to be answered live during the stream.Viewers can also tune into our webcast on any device, anywhere be-it on their mobile device, tablet or laptop.

As with everything we do at Broadcast Revolution, we aim to create a bespoke solution, designedto offer alive streaming experience that captures our client’s objectives whilst providing great content to a high professional standard.

Our high-level recording equipment and editing package means that all live streaming content can be made available on demand, ensuring that the number of views is limitless and does not end with the live stream cutting off. The content can sit evergreen on the desired platform and keep building up online engagement.

We outline the desired deliverable at the beginning of the process and try to think outside the box when it comes to crafting the optimum creative solution. Our team’s knowledge and experience of internal or external communication channels, such as webcasting panel debates, broadcasting corporate occasions and live event capture, mean that we are ideal live streaming agency for you.

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