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Media Training

Media Training

We provide first-class media training for clients, in which our team of broadcast experts train CEOs and senior C-suite spokespeople ahead of broadcast interviews. This session is relevant for many situations: CEOs either new to the business or to media interviews, or senior executives who have been out of the game a while and want a refresher course.

Our team of broadcast consultants is made up of experts who have worked in the industry for over 20 years, and whose rich knowledge of the broadcast media landscape and insight into current affairs means we can provide an effective media training course for brands.

Tailored to fit each client’s needs, we can provide a full day or half day course of face-to-face media training in London or remotely, and also offer ongoing support for clients by preparing their senior spokespeople before every interview.

Our team of media training experts cover the following points during the executive media training course:

• Overview of key broadcast media
• Insight into the different programmes, presenter styles and tips, key topics the programmes like to cover, and common “watch-outs”
• Advice and guidance on dealing with difficult lines of questioning
• Techniques to ensure positive key messaging comes through
• Practice interviews – both TV and radio, recorded for spokespeople to watch/listen back to
• Playback recorded practice interviews and feedback
• Logistics and key things to be mindful of when conducting interviews remotely, down the line, or in a studio

We also offer a media training course to non-C-suite spokespeople, such as case studies or third-party organisations brands, who you might be partnering with for PR activity. A slightly different package to our executive media training course, this one-on-one training is aimed at preparing those who have never done TV or radio interviews before.

The third option we offer is our broadcast workshop - a media training session in our London studio where both executives and non-executives can receive real-life experience in front of a TV camera and radio microphone. Our media training handler will either put together a few different questions for the spokesperson, or the client will provide pointers that they would like their speaker to be tested on.

Trainees will be able to sit in a proper radio studio, so they gain experience of being questioned by the presenter face-to-face and feel familiar with the surroundings before their real interviews. Likewise, we set up a camera in our pop-up TV studio so that spokespeople feel comfortable with the logistics of TV interviews (such as where to look), before they have to appear live on TV.

Both sessions are recorded so that the trainees can watch their performance back and work through feedback from the media trainer. This half-day broadcast workshop is usually carried out as a group session with multiple C-suite spokespeople but can also be done one-on-one.

Our team will always offer guidance as part of each project and provide a briefing call before any live interview, to ensure all speakers are well equipped and prepared. We also provide real-time feedback on the interviewee’s performance between live interviews, as well as a performance summary in our final wrap-up report and debriefing sessions.

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