Podcast Creation

Podcast Creation

Podcasts have grown immeasurably over the last few years with them becoming favoured way to get news or stay entertained while we are working out, commuting or getting stuff done around the house.

We work with brands to support podcast PR strategies which includes how to create a podcast, promoting a podcast and whether or not branded podcasts are the right route for organisations.

According to a report from BBC Global News, branded podcasts are an effective means of advertising and a powerful addition to the marketing mix as they create real cut-through with audiences… Particularly those who avoid adverts. The great thing about podcasts is that their impact is boosted when the listener is engaged in other tasks and therefore represents an entirely new space for brands to reach their audiences.

Insight suggests that podcast listeners are engaging while performing other tasks – like chores, driving, exercise and shopping. However, rather than damaging the impact it seems dual focus benefits brand engagement as audiences appear to have stronger engagement, emotional intensity and long term memory of the podcast.

What’s more is that podcasts help to create positive associations on behalf of brands.

However, it is important to note that branded podcasts are not simply advertising opportunities. The best branded podcasts still stick to the core of what makes a good podcast: great storytelling, compelling conversations, and content people want to hear.

Podcast listeners regularly stay engaged for more than 30 minutes at a time. Much longer than they do with the average YouTube video. And it is this close, one-on-one time spent with a brand makes listeners perceive it as more likeable and trustable.

In the past brands have wanted to use podcasts to things like increase social media following and email subscribers. But a promoting a podcast is rarely going to make that happen. While it can be a strong performance tool if used correctly, it’s far more valuable for brand building.

Some branded podcasts have had hundreds of thousands of listens, but one trap marketers can fall into is comparing these figures to the number of views a typical video published on Facebook or YouTube might get. That’s neither a fair nor sensible comparison — they’re completely different mediums that should play very different roles.

Engagement is an area where branded podcasts really showcase value. Data on branded podcasts last year shows that podcasts often had a listen-through rate was more than 28 minutes — an incredibly high figure that most videos would struggle to come close to.

Before you ask - how to create a podcast? The key thing you need to understand – from the very beginning – is what the clear aims of a branded podcast are for the organisation. As your podcast agency partner, we can help you navigate these areas.

This is far from a saturated space, and there are still countless opportunities for companies of all shapes and sizes to step up and produce fantastic branded podcasts.

Our experience in the world of audio means we fully understand the needs, requirements and pitfalls of the medium making us an ideal podcast agency partner.

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