Podcast Media Relations

Podcast Media Relations

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a free service that allows internet users to pull audio files from the internet and download them to listen to at a time of their choice. It is often an episode which makes up a podcasting series of audio files that are available to reach from most or all streaming platforms. A podcast usually features a host or hosts who will dictate the line of discussion. Often podcasts feature guests some who are permanent features of the series or some who just appear once or a few times to join the topic discussion. A podcast can be about anything! Many people chose to make their own podcasts in order to discuss something they are interested in. Podcasts topics range from business to consumer& lifestyle to science to news- there is a huge range and really no limit.

Differences between radio and podcasts

There are a few differences between podcasts and radio stations. While radio stations feature on FM or DAB, you cannot get a podcast on either of these. To retrieve a podcast you will need to access it via a streaming service or have it downloaded. Another difference is that radio interviews might range from 5-15 minutes maximum, whereas podcast interviews tend to range from 20 minutes to 1 hour-however long the episode lasts. A further difference is that podcasts are ALWAYS pre-recorded. Unlike radio interviews where some might be live and some might be pre-recorded, podcast interviews will always be pre-recorded. As a result, a lot more planning goes into podcast episodes and it is likely that a podcast interviewer would have spoken to their guest pre recording and therefore, the interview will have more of a structure to it. Podcasts are also not measured in the same way that radio stations are. Big podcasts will have an indication of their listenership through how many people have streamed their podcast although this is not fixed as once downloaded a podcast might be listened to a multiple number of times and this would not be measured.

Podcast PR

As podcasts continue to become increasingly popular, their listenership figures continue to grow and often they have an audience which differs to that of radio listeners. As a result podcast pr has become part of our services.
There are different parts to this as our experience expands across promoting a podcast, to explaining and advising pr companies as to how to create a podcast. [See podcast creation more information on this]Though when it comes to media relations, the podcast pr we are referring to is getting our clients onto podcasts as a new way to reach different audiences.

The audience of podcasts is generally believed to be younger and as radio specifically, is not known for attracting young audiences, for some brands and businesses targeting podcasts can be a really effective objective in order to get your key messages across to your target audience.

There is a podcast across all and every sectorand our database of podcasters adheres to that. Additionally, many news outlets are now additionally across podcasts and the likes of BBC and Sky sometimes will use material recorded for podcasts on their news programmes.

To find out more on how to create a podcast, check out Podcast Creation (hyperlink it)

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