Create Your Own Pop Up Radio Station For Public Relations

Pop Up Radio Stations

Pop Up Radio Stations

Ever thought about creating your own pop-up radio station? We can help!

Branded stunt PR across broadcast is often the most challenging place to get it to land. We often see media doing it themselves, such as Radio 1’s escape room with Greg James, yet sometimes branded stunts often get missed by the broadcasters.

Pop up radio stations can be a great way to give people something quirky, engaging and just a bit different. Pairing this with traditional and social PR can be an effective way to have maximum impact for your PR activity. We have created radio stations to be live for just one single day - to promote either an awareness day, a national holiday, or just for the hell of it.

In the past, we have worked with food clients who are looking to raise awareness of their produce and have created a whole radio station whose theme was centred around the food (through the jingles, features, news and guests).

Whatever the brief, we can come up with something different and unconventional, that will be programmed to get the ears of your target audience pricking up.

Our team will come up with the creative vision for the station by interrogating the brief and thinking outside the box about how to bring the idea to life.

As with producers at a proper radio station, we plan a programme and running order for the station’s output, sourcing guests and spokespeople for interviews, putting together the music playlist in tune with the station’s purpose, crafting fun competitions and quizzes to enable listener engagement, creating the jingles that will become the iconic statement sounds of the pop up station's brand; everything down to the two minute hourly news bulletins.

Our team can either pre-record the whole station’s output or create a mix of live and pre-recorded content to drive live listener interaction with the station.

Hosted online via the brand’s website or a microsite, and promoted through its social media pages, we will ensure you achieve maximum online traffic.

But making it is not worth doing without PR’ing it…

Being one team of both media relations and content creation experts means our consultants consider one in line with the other i.e. how we can endorse and enable one another to help boost PR activity and engagement. We will PR the pop-up station in the lead up to the launch, trying to drive awareness and anticipation across consumer print and online, existing broadcast media, through celebrity endorsements, social media and good old word of mouth. We will track the number of listeners through the number of visits to the website’s page housing the station. Our experts edit the final version so that the brand can have content on demand, or post-production we can transform the station into a mini podcast series.

The key for us will always be utilising assets and continuing to find ways to boost engagement post-production.

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