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Radio Media Buying

Radio Media Buying

Alongside our editorial broadcast offering, Broadcast Revolution also operates as a radio advertising agency, specialising in radio media buying and radio promotions.

We have delivered successful radio advertising and radio promotional campaigns with consumer brands and travel clients, covering everything from cruise liners to country tourism boards. Our experience includes broadcasting Jazz FM’s Breakfast show live from the beaches in Antigua and Barbuda, to hosting Magic on a cruise ship launch in the middle of the English Channel.

Our team has over 20 years’ experience partnering with some of the biggest radio brands across the commercial radio network. Our relationships are particularly strong with those household brands in the Bauer media family, including Magic, Jazz FM, Absolute, Kiss and Scala Radio. The strength of these established relationships is reflected in the great value and price that we can buy radio space for, in comparison to our competitors, other media buyers and agencies.

Our broadcast consultants work with the client from the very beginning, when considering space selection and purchasing options, right through to the promotional campaign delivery and evaluation.

We specialise in the creative treatment of promotions, by working with the media outlet and client to form an engaging creative idea that suits both parties. We present different radio media buying options to clients and take them on a step-by-step journey through the mechanics of the campaign. Our job is to provide an accurate and insightful analysis of viable options for radio media buying, including: a demographic breakdown of radio stations, their share of voice, total number of impacts and their audience reach. Our role is then to ensure that we work closely with both sides during the campaign planning process.

When planning radio advertising or radio promotions, the key things to consider are the timings of the campaign, and how these might tie into themes related to either the time of year or the interests of the target audience.

On-air promotions often come hand in hand with creating and capturing content for social media. Our team manages and oversees photo/video shoots of content, working closely with the client and media to ensure the finished edit meets the demands of both stakeholders. Promoting the partnership on the media brand’s social platforms and website drives audience engagement online as well as on the airwaves, meaning clients end up with heightened brand awareness among a new customer base by tapping into the media’s existing audience.

Our team liaises with the media, consulting on the creation of musical trails, jingles and any voiceovers needed, ensuring the final result is to our client’s satisfaction.

Radio promotions can run for any length of time, from a one-week consumer event, to a month-long new theatre production, or a 12-week campaign to boost holiday bookings.

As well as national commercial radio, we also partner with regional radio stations all over the UK and can provide an even more geographically targeted partnership if your brand is only looking to reach certain cities or regions.

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