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Radio & Online Competitions

Radio & Online Competitions

Radio and online editorial competitions are one form of Public Relations that can be a cost-effective means of securing branded radio coverage and driving consumer engagement.

Editorial competitions can be a successful way to promote local events, launch a range of new consumer products or drive traffic to your website. We have supported brands such as Smyths Toys Superstores, Waitrose and Lego with editorial competitions that have driven traffic online and increased footfall to live events.

Whether it's offering £100 worth of food vouchers to tie in with the launch of a new online recipe collection, or £50 worth of toys to promote a local event happening in-store, editorial PR competitions are an affordable way to target your customer base in key areas across the UK. Brands can see a total audience reach of between 500,000 - 10million for their editorial competition campaign, depending on budget and prize value.

Our team works with clients to effectively deliver the brief’s key messages, advise on the prize values needed to secure radio coverage, and build a strategy to target the most appropriate consumer titles. Our team of broadcast experts create copy for the competition script, pitch this into radio and online media, and provide records of transmissions and a final report with playout times to clients. We have established close working relationships with radio producers at national and regional commercial radio stations, and journalists at national consumer online magazines across the Bauer and Hearst media network. Our relationships with consumer media mean that we are able to successfully secure coverage across key publications and provide up-to-date insights to brands.

Radio editorial competitions

In comparison to paid-for competition adverts on radio (where brands purchase airtime), editorial competitions are taken on the value of the prize, with presenters reading out the details of the competition live on air. We try to make the presenter’s job as easy as possible by crafting a creative script which contains the key messaging and competition criteria.

Online editorial competitions

Online competitions are usually housed on the ‘competitions’ pages of the online consumer titles such as Closer, Grazia and Heat, and – if the prize value is high enough – national tabloid news publications such as the Mirror Online and the Sun Online. A branded image usually accompanies the competition details; however, many will also display branded video content to sit alongside the competition, which can be a valuable way of pairing up video production and PR competition activity.

Radio stations covering the competition on the airwaves will often also host the competition on their website and signpost listeners there to enter. Brands receive a “double hit” with this crossover and, by targeting both online and radio, we are effectively reaching a greater number of people.

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