Research & Insights

Research & Insights

Often when working with our clients, in order to create a newsworthy story, we suggest that creating broadcast research can be key. The idea behind broadcast research is that we form research questions which we send to consumers in order to create ‘new’ news as part of a story which the target audience would be interested in. The process behind this is as follows:

1) Decide on the key messages behind the campaign
2) Form specialist research questions considering the key messages, as well as forming questions which can provide us with statistics and headlines that would be relevant to the story
3) Working with either our partnering research company or a research company of your choice, we will send out the research to a minimum of 1000 consumers who will be chosen based on the target audience of the campaign
4) Upon receiving back the research, we carefully analyse the results and pick out key top lines which could form the headline
5) Create a specialist broadcast advisory (a broadcast media version of a press release) where we use the broadcast research, reigning on the most exciting, stand out statistics that we know will be interesting for broadcasters and for the target audience

Working with broadcast research is a massive asset to a campaign and it helps the story we create become relevant and current to the news agenda at the time, which is a priority of how we work.


As a specialist broadcast media agency, we pride ourselves on the knowledge we have of both the media and the clients we work with. Part of the way we do this is through the insights we provide.


Having a team of experienced broadcast media specialists means that we have extremely strong relationships with media contacts across national and regional TV and radio outlets. Having regular meeting and discussions with our media contacts, means that we are in the know about what different broadcasters are looking for. This means we are at the top of our game in supporting our clients in deciding how to frame a story, the topics to frame it around and the assets broadcasters are looking for in order to take an interview.


When working with any client, it is essential for us to have a strong knowledge of the broadcasting potential of their field. We therefore have the ability to provide a variety of analyses about the previous and current presence of our clients within broadcast, the presence of our clients competitors in broadcast and of course the difference in broadcast presence of our clients pre and post our campaigns. This in-depth analysis allows us to make sure we can position our campaign in the best way possible to achieve maximum broadcast potential, as well as ensuring our clients can stand out from the competition. It also enables us to explain to our clients how they make the most out of their broadcast opportunity based on our knowledge of the assets required for broadcast in their sector.

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