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Santander SME Report 2021123

Santander SME Report 2021

Every six months we work with the team at Santander on their latest SME report which looks at the state of play for businesses across the UK. This is a space that many financial brands play in, and the challenge is to always strike that point of difference and cut through the noise so that it isn’t just “another SME survey.”

Our advice this time around was to focus on the theme of ‘location’ for the research; how many SMEs were planning to close their head offices and move away from the high street and other locations such as retail parks and inner-city premises.

Having seen over the last few months the decline of British high street retailers, we framed our news story around the 29 per cent of small businesses who were set to abandon the high street this year, either due to problems with cashflow, the cost of rent, or because they were having to close permanently. UK business media are particularly passionate about the high street so this was the strongest way to pitch in the story and get cut through.

We requested case studies who either currently reside on the high street and/or who work across retail, hospitality and beauty as these businesses would have the most media appeal given the impact of the government restrictions hitting them the hardest for the longest.

Doing the ground work early on meant we had a strong news line and access to case studies of small businesses up and down the UK who we offered up to broadcast media alongside Susan Davies, Head of Business Banking at Santander UK.

The results: We secured national coverage on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme who interviewed Susan as well as two of our business case studies. Sky News Ian King Live, LBC and LBC News ran the story with the latter two using the clips of Susan’s interview for their news bulletins that ran right through the day. We also achieved 45 hits across top tier regional TV and radio stations with our case studies, making the total potential reach of the campaign 17,900,000 with a total of 61 hits across top tier broadcast outlets.

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