Event Video Production

Even the best events come to an end.

But through event video production, yours doesn’t have to.

Instead of being forgotten, relegated to the annals of time, it can live on in the minds of your guests, as well as on their computers, smartphones and tablets, to be re-lived time and again in the future.

About Event Video Production

Important information from a training session or company announcement that might otherwise have been lost can be retained; and the buzz of a brand launch can be experienced by those who were unable to attend in-person.

But those who couldn’t be there in-person don’t have to watch the event in its entirety. With expert editing, guided by our experienced team of former journalists and media executives, that content can be made more digestible, cut down to short, shareable segments.

And the content doesn’t just have to be aimed at those who were unable to attend the event in person. In fact, the event itself can take a back seat as the content becomes evergreen, serving multiple purposes such as to engage internal audiences, or promoting future activities.

In short, event video production presents you with an untold number of possibilities relating to marketing, staff engagement, training and brand recognition.

Perhaps you have a panel discussion that would be suitable for a video podcast format, or maybe your event is an ideal opportunity to capture interview content for future use, putting a face to your brand and boosting engagement.

Event Video Production

As part of our portfolio of work, we invited our client, Amazon, to experience the benefits of event video production for themselves.

We worked with them to produce video content for the Midlands Jobs Career Fair, where they were a main sponsor as part of their commitment to creating new jobs throughout the UK.

Central to the video were interviews with key figures such as the area’s local MP and several senior Amazon stakeholders. Events are often fluid, changing things, so it was important that our filming approach was adaptable and proactive.

The result was footage that supported Amazon’s announcement on broadcast media and the brand’s official channels. It focused on the interviews without losing sight of the whole scope of the event or Amazon’s main messaging.

Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production undertaken by Broadcast Revolution can significantly enhance your brand’s message through engaging, creative content.

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Campaign and Brand Video Creation

Broadcast Revolution is committed to providing your organisation with the engaging campaign and brand video creation services that bring your stories to life.

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B-Roll Footage

B roll footage is what makes a good video great. It’s a vital part of corporate video production, and one that Broadcast Revolution can help you get right.

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Video Content Distribution

Calling ‘cut’ isn’t the end of our services. Broadcast Revolution provides video content distribution, ensuring your media has a relevant, sizable audience.

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Live Video Production

Live video production, or event live streaming services, can increase your list of attendees significantly. To make sure you get it right, speak to us today.

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Social Media Content Creation

Today’s fast-paced world requires striking, attractive content. Our social media content creation services can boost brand engagement and grow your audience.

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Event Video Production

Searching for an event video production company based in the heart of London? Look no further than Broadcast Revolution to capture your corporate occasions.

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Phil and his team have always provided sound broadcast counsel whilst I’ve worked with them for the last five years – whenever I pitch out ideas to Phil, I know I’ll always get an honest answer which is very refreshing! Broadcast Revolution has developed Lloyd’s relationships with other organisations through the broadcast PR activity we’ve undertaken, as well as with the broadcast media. Their insights and recommendations on third-party spokespeople and creative ideas have always lead to campaigns landing brilliant results across top-tier broadcast outlets. It’s always a pleasure to work with Broadcast Revolution.

Kimberley Hamilton

Senior Media Relations Manager, Lloyds

We thoroughly enjoy working with Broadcast Revolution. Phil and the team provide strong and strategic guidance on client campaigns and stories – focussing on delivering quality results that genuinely make a difference, rather than a busy schedule that offers no value. What’s more, the team will always advise on stories they don’t believe will work for broadcast media – offering sound consultancy rather than simply taking the budget. In the short time since inception, Broadcast Revolution has become a trust partner for the team at Hope&Glory.

Anna Terrell

Joint Managing Director, Hope&Glory PR

Doctors in Distress has benefitted enormously from the generous help and support provided by Broadcast Revolution. The charity gained wide-spread recognition during two campaigns. We just could not have ever established this level of brand recognition without Broadcast Revolution. Not only did they give us continuous support in the run up to the broadcast days, they gave this to Doctors in Distress as part of their social community ethos. We are deeply grateful to them for their willingness to help, their generosity of time and effort, and for their exemplary outcomes they enabled for the charity.

Dame Professor Clare Gerada

DBE, Doctors in Distress

Broadcast Revolution has re-written the rule book when it comes to servicing clients. They’ve completely torn up the one-size fits all approach and they tackle every brief with a bespoke media strategy that really hits the business objectives. The team is incredible. They are fun, engaging, and professional to work with; always top of my supplier list.

Tracy Dickerson

Head of External Affairs, Zurich UK

The team at Broadcast Revolution fully engage with every campaign objective to best understand the subtle and timely way to leverage our brand credentials. Phil Caplin; long-time experience in broadcast media brings a multi-dimensional approach to every campaign.

Tracey Poggio

Head of Media & Marketing, Gibraltar Tourist Board

Broadcast Revolution quickly got to grips with our brief and it was clear they prioritised understanding us and our aims as a charity. Throughout the process, they kept in contact, updating as they needed to, giving excellent advice and guidance and setting expectations clearly. Most importantly, they achieved fantastic results spanning a broad range of media, in excess of anything we had achieved previously. I would not hesitate to recommend Broadcast Revolution to anyone looking for a PR agency.

Dominic Arnall

CEO, Just Like Us
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