Video Production Agency

As a video PR agency in London, we can provide the full services of a corporate video production agency. We specialise in capturing content that tells a clear story and takes the audience on a journey.

We have years of experience producing creative, unique and compelling video content for clients. Our impressive portfolio includes major brands such as Amazon, Uber, and Harrods.

Providing the full services of any other corporate video production agency in London, we specialise in capturing content that tells a clear story and takes the audience on a journey.

Our team provides end-to-end video PR support, from concept and creative development to final delivery. Our expertise as a video PR agency covers a range of capabilities, including brand and campaign video creation, event filming, corporate video production, social media content creation, live streaming, and B-Roll production.

Our aim is always to produce quality content that is fit for purpose, engages the target audience, and can be utilised by clients long after we’ve delivered the final edit.

Brand & Campaign Video Creation

Our background lies in producing content that brings a brand or campaign to life. Our production team has vast experience in getting to the heart of briefs and ensuring the vision is brought to life in an impactful way. We take ownership of the whole process and involve the client as much or little as they like.

Event Filming

We can ensure your event is expertly captured by showcasing the event, participants, and attendees. Our team will bring everything to fruition while ensuring the narrative of the event is communicated and its highlights are captured.

Corporate Video Production

Our team is experienced in corporate video production and creating quality content for internal and external use. We work closely with brands to advise on the creative for the video to ensure it meets the business needs and offers appealing content to its audience.


As a team of broadcast media consultants, we have extensive experience shooting B-Roll footage fit for media use. We ensure we have the shots that best showcase the brand and illustrate a straightforward narrative for broadcast media while capturing visuals that can be used beyond the specific activity.

Social Media Content Creation

We create social media content specifically designed to engage a particular audience. We fully understand the importance of creating content to fit the specific environment. Bespoke versions of content can be produced to sit across all your social channels.


Whether it’s a virtual event, a training video, or Q&A, we have experience producing live events for an online audience to interact with. We will work with you to establish the most effective way to produce the stream remotely, in the studio, or at a physical event. This includes top-tier production value, camera angles, and on-screen graphics, all designed to help you reach the appropriate audience most engagingly.

Distribution of Content

Alongside video content creation, our services include producing or finding platforms for content to live, including purpose-built microsites, paid promotion within social media, blogger engagement, targeted media partnerships, and paid advertising. Our video production services mean that we can act as both a social video agency and broadcast consultancy for clients, providing the added value of video content alongside broadcast media relations.

Our video production support comprises


  • Writing creative treatments
  • Writing storyboards
  • Writing scripts or providing an autocue
  • Preparing shot lists
  • Scouting shoot locations
  • Casting participants/actors for filming
  • Arranging permits and permissions


  • Managing the video shoot on the day
  • Interviewing spokespeople/participants/VOX pops
  • Providing skilled crew members
  • Ensuring premium kit is used
  • Organising shoot logistics

Post Production

  • Editing footage to create the desired video outputs
  • Providing music to accompany content (if required)
  • Graphics, animations, and video grading

Content Placement

  • Placing content within paid channels
  • Placing content within targeted editorial media channels (when appropriate) 

For more information on how we can support your campaign and business objectives through video, please contact Sarah Cann.

Other Services

TV & Radio Media Relations

Broadcast Revolution can assist with TV and radio public relations support across national and regional broadcasters.

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The Broadcast Revolution Newsroom is a reactive and proactive way for organisations to get their voices heard on issues in the news agenda.

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Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production undertaken by Broadcast Revolution can significantly enhance your brand’s message through engaging, creative content.

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Campaign and Brand Video Creation

Broadcast Revolution is committed to providing your organisation with the engaging campaign and brand video creation services that bring your stories to life.

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B-Roll Footage

B roll footage is what makes a good video great. It’s a vital part of corporate video production, and one that Broadcast Revolution can help you get right.

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Video Content Distribution

Calling ‘cut’ isn’t the end of our services. Broadcast Revolution provides video content distribution, ensuring your media has a relevant, sizable audience.

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Live Video Production

Live video production, or event live streaming services, can increase your list of attendees significantly. To make sure you get it right, speak to us today.

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Social Media Content Creation

Today’s fast-paced world requires striking, attractive content. Our social media content creation services can boost brand engagement and grow your audience.

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Event Video Production

Searching for an event video production company based in the heart of London? Look no further than Broadcast Revolution to capture your corporate occasions.

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Video Production

Providing the full services of a video production agency, we specialise in capturing content that tells a clear story and takes your audience on a journey.

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Media Training

Broadcast Revolution offers both C-Suite & brand media training to support in-house and third-party PR activity.

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Podcast Creation

Our experience in the world of audio means we fully understand the needs, requirements, and pitfalls of the medium – making us an ideal partner.

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From video insight from senior broadcast journalists to the process behind generating a news angle, we have you covered.

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Talent Sourcing for PR

Broadcast Revolution can assist with a range of talent sourcing solutions for your PR campaigns, including celebrities, TV personalities, and influencers.

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Global Media Relations

We pride ourselves on our global international relations and media contacts, with our close links with practitioners working internationally in TV and radio. 

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Live Streaming Content

We have innovative solutions that work for you, from broadcasting live content on social media to your customer base or via a third-party channel.

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Podcast Media Relations

Our podcast guide helps unpack how businesses can approach podcast PR and how it differs from regular broadcast.

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Radio Media Buying

Alongside our editorial broadcast offering, Broadcast Revolution operates as a radio advertising agency specialising in radio media buying and radio promotions.

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