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I have loved being in the world of Broadcast PR for over 20 years' working with some amazing brands to deliver broadcast coverage on TV & Radio. I love getting under the skin of a client and a brief and seeing how broadcast can be best used to deliver a clients messaging across top tier media. I still get a buzz from seeing a client on national TV or hearing them on the radio. I am also known as Spill-I-Am as I always seem to forget to avoid having fried eggs, soy sauce or burritos before meetings.

Clients have a golden rule with me that I am not allowed to call before 1030 to allow them at least 2 coffees before they speak to me and they are prepared for my volume and energy. When not in the office, you will find me watching, playing, coaching sport with or (if Mrs Caplin allows) without my kids.

Favourite broadcast presenter/show: Magic At The Musicals……….don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!!!


Charlotte McConkey

Head Of Client Services

Having explored the realms of journalism and ‘traditional’ PR, I turned my hand to broadcast PR in 2009 and it’s safe to say – have never looked back.

My career in the industry has spanned so many different sectors; from consumer to healthcare and everything in between. I often think that’s what keeps be glued to broadcast as each and every campaign is so different. Other than starting my own agency, by far my career highlight to date was playing a key role in Always’ #EndPeriodPoverty campaign which resulted in the Government changing the law, and is still running 4 years later.

My working week is usually full of meetings, catching up with my lovely clients and writing proposals – but I love nothing more than getting out and being creative; whether that’s on a video shoot, producing podcasts or just a good ol’ brainstorm where I get to flex my creative muscles!

My favourite broadcast show? Since Phil stole Magic at the Musicals (it really is truly brilliant), I’ll have to plump for Nick Ferrari or Iain Dale on LBC.



Head of Content & Production

Over the last three years I’ve worked closely with brands such as Uber, the University of Bath, Amazon, Santander and Royal National Institute of Blind People to land top tier broadcast coverage. As a bit of a news junkie, I am passionate about reacting to the daily news agenda, working closely with clients to build long term strategies to get their brand on broadcasters’ radar, and creating meaningful and impactful campaigns that drive change.

A country, Midlands girl at heart, I’m also referred to around the office as “Sazzle”, “I’ll have a tea please” and “the snorter” when I laugh. I love reading, yoga, investigative journalism podcasts and if I’m not at work I’m usually getting a sweat on at spin or planning my next big holiday adventure.

Favourite broadcast presenter/show: Gayle Lofthouse on BBC Radio Leeds at teatime. She’s a gem.


Shelley Cukier

Account Manager

I joined BR as a gossip column reader but have since been converted to a real news lover who enjoys nothing as much as impressing my friends and family with my knowledge of current affairs. My favourite campaigns are those supporting a cause and I am proud to have worked along side prominent charities such as Time to Change and Spread a Smile.

As the newest team member at BR, I embrace being surrounded by almost 60 years of combined experience and aim to utilise my flair in blogging, instagramming and making people laugh (admittedly often at me rather than with me). My boss did always say work hard, play hard.

Favourite show- This morning with Holly and Phil


Tanya Sassoon

Account Executive




I have worked in PR for almost 15 years with the majority of my experience in Broadcast. I am a true broadcast enthusiast, so much so that my dream job was to be the breakfast DJ on Radio 1, a dream I still hold to this day but sadly it’s fading away. But while the dream slowly vanishes, my enthusiasm for broadcast PR remains strong.

Over the last 15 years I have run the media teams as well as managed key clients including Smyths Toys, BT Sport, Gibraltar Tourist Board and Lloyds Banking Group

When it comes to the working week, you can either find me in the office eating fizzy sweets, running 5k’s or in the studio schmoozing our celebrity talent. Outside the office you'll find me in the gym, spinning the tunes on the disco decks or keeping my two boys out of trouble.

Favourite broadcast presenter/show – Chris Moyles (obviously)


Dan Tredler


I can’t believe I’ve been in the wonderful world of broadcast PR for over 15 years, surely I don’t look old enough! One things is for sure, I’ve loved what I have done since day one and that’s helped build great relationships with clients and deliver amazing campaigns of activity for them.
Luckily for me, this has taken me to some exotic and less exotic places all over the world, filming and recording content and running broadcast activity.
Work life balance is mostly achieved by being clad in Lycra and cycling or running 5 or 6 days a week and having a very understanding wife and two teenage boys.

Favourite broadcast presenter: Ken Bruce BBC Radio 2


Mike Young

Head of News

I joined Broadcast Revolution in March 2021 after more than two decades working for the BBC, where I presented, reported and produced across a range of programmes at both 5live and Radio 4. I particularly loved producing both the daily 5live and weekly Radio 4 phone-ins. Working alongside tremendous talents at 5live Breakfast, 5live Drive and Radio 4 You & Yours always kept me on my toes. To be on-air with either of those two great networks was a tremendous thrill.

I’m now acting as a broadcast strategist, advising Broadcast Revolution clients on how best to get a message across, media training and offering hints and tips on the best way to tackle a broadcast interview.

Outside of the office I’m happiest by the sea, on the golf course or behind the wheel of a car with the roof down.

My favourite broadcast presenters? I’ve worked with some of the best in the business. Peter Allen on 5live Drive stands out in the memory. He’s been succeeded by the equally talented Tony Livesey. And whenever Eleanor Oldroyd is broadcasting, you know you’re in the safest broadcasting hands there are.



Account Manager

Over the last 6 years I have worked in the wonderful world of travel PR, working with some of the biggest brands in travel from Hard Rock Hotel and Palladium Hotel Group to the Yucatan Tourism Board, across both the public sector, agency side and in-house across both consumer and trade campaigns.

My love for meeting new people, creating captivating stories and thinking outside of the box have all been the driving force behind my many entrepreneurial endeavours, but it wasn’t long after first experience with broadcast that I set about trying to find my way into this exciting industry. A lover of creative content, original stories and all things ‘weird’ I’m the ultimate Youtube and podcast junkie !

Favourite Broadcaster/ Show: The queen Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show (please come back ☹) In the meantime, Snoochie Shy’s show on BBC Radio 1Extra gives me life every time!


Rebecca McAree

Account Manager

I’ve worked in PR since 2017, and what a whirlwind 4 years it’s been! Starting my journey in traditional PR, I’ve worked across wacky stunts, glamours (and not so glamourous) launch events and influencer led campaigns for a range of consumer brands. And that’s not all, I’ve also worked across retail, grocery, and drinks trade, before turning my hand to the wonderful world of broadcast!

I’m passionate about creating campaigns that really make a positive impact and I know that broadcast has the power to do just that with its direct, yet personal, approach.

Originally from ‘down south’, I’m now an honorary northerner who loves nothing more than coffee and cocktails, in equal measure.

When I’m not guzzling my daily dose of Radio 1 (sorry!) or hitting shuffle on Spotify, I can be found eating popcorn and watching films, or booking my next holiday.

The broadcaster that the puts a smile on my face is the one and only Graham Norton. Get me in that big red chair!

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