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The Real Value of Broadcast Workshops

When Broadcast Revolution began, one of our founding principles was helping clients better understand broadcast. This is because we felt that there was an understanding of broadcast as an afterthought.

We didn’t just want to run radio days as a commodity that PRs used in a distress situation. We wanted to do things differently and push ourselves and our clients to consider broadcast at the very outset of campaign planning. This would allow organisations to deliver outstanding coverage within the highly targeted environment on radio and TV.

A challenge faced by most of us in this wonderful world of PR is time poorness. Doing things differently sometimes takes too much precious time we simply don’t have, and when it comes to broadcast, if you’re not doing it daily or for every campaign, it’s unlikely to be front of mind. So, with this an evergreen problem, how can you better consider radio & TV and ensure you and your team are up to date on all things broadcast?

You know what’s coming next, right? Broadcast Workshops!

For the time invested (usually 30 mins-one hour depending on questions), you and your team can be updated on all things broadcast by our Head of Newsroom, Mike Young, an ex-BBC producer/presenter of 21 years.

We tailor the workshop depending on your specific area of focus, but all workshops will: • Impart insight into broadcast during the pandemic and beyond

• Demonstrate the tactics and assets needed to deliver standout broadcast campaigns

• Debunk myths

• Highlight best practice

• Use real examples of how things work

• Provide solid advice and guidance across both BBC & commercial environments

• Answer questions, and even use the session as a brainstorming session

So, why not get in touch and let us wax lyrical about all things broadcast? The sessions arm your team with helpful insight that will ensure radio and TV coverage are no longer viewed as an afterthought but instead front and centre of your planned campaign activity. Get in touch; we’d love to meet you in person or virtually!

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